Welcome to Cambridge Scoop!

Cambridge Scoop is a project which is being set up by a group of students at Cambridge University which is aiming to create a community of empowered students and locals who have a say in where they want their food to come from. Scoop's vision is to make ethical food more widely accessible, to help the planet move towards a more sustainable, cooperative and positive way of producing and accessing food.

Scoop is a cooperative which works within the University of Cambridge and the local community to find local, fair trade and/or organic foods which are sold at wholesale prices. It is run by members who play an integral role in how it operates, planning the shop and making important decisions about the running of the co-op. Scoop aims to create a wider awareness of where our food comes from by making the information available to everyone.


Why 'Scoop'?

'Scoop' contains many of the important things which help to define us.

  • As a venture run mainly by and for students, we'll be a 'Student's co-op'
  • As one of the cheapest places around to access ethical food, your shopping will be a bit of a scoop!

Veg Box Scheme

Following the success of Local Action Week 2012 and the veg bag order we made with Waterland Organics, we are continuing to make weekly orders of delicious, organic, local veggies! Visit the Veg Box page for more information.

Join Scoop Today!

Membership is just £3 per year and gets you access to all of Scoop's services. Scoop is an official Cambridge University society and is completely not for profit. All membership fees go to provision of services and helps to support ethical and sustainable food sourcing in Cambridge! Get in touch!


Photo used under a Creative Commons licence from WordRidden